Cloud Computing for Accountants

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants

Accounting firms and accounting departments use sophisticated programs to maintain
bookkeeping. The days of businesses maintaining a server onsite are
dwindling. That is because companies like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have
created huge data centers that support thousands of servers.

Having a hosted server is exactly where most businesses will be storing have data stored in the next few years. This environment is called “using a cloud server”. How does this help you? There are many benefits to using cloud servers.

For instance, you will no longer have to refresh or purchase a server every 5 years. This can be a very expensive and stressful task. There is also a cost associated with maintaining a server in the office. On average one would pay $250.00 to maintain the server per month, this does not include backing up the data which could easily run another $350.00 a month.

cloud computing is extremely important for accountants

Accountants that want the most efficient IT support will sometimes hire an MSP or Managed Service Company. That MSP will then set the company up on a hosted server and maintain the cloud network.

The combination of using an MSP and cloud computing will enable accounting firms to work with very little downtime.

Microsoft 365 integration

Microsoft office 365 is one infrastructure that puts all cloud computing needs under one roof.
Office 365 will host your emails, eliminating the need to have a hosted email server on premise.

With the office 365 email, you can access your emails form from your phone, hosted desktop,
or outlook. 2FA is a way of securing your emails so they can cannot be accessed by a
potential criminal.

Security is of the upmost utmost importance and having a secure email account is the first step in developing a secure environment.

“Teams” is a way of communicating with an application within your company. If you need to get in touch with a colleague, simply write a message on teams. 

Teams also provide shared video conferencing, meeting invites, the ability to create webinars, and so much more.

The final integration with Microsoft 365 is the fact that you can create your own customized
hosted desktop. By utilizing a hosted desktop with office 365 email exchange your company
will be %100 on the cloud. 

This is the ultimate in peace of mind, knowing that all your data is backed up, all servers are maintained, and your can access them at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Accountants and Hosted Desktops

Many people use programs like LOG ME IN or GOTOMY PC, in a way these are a lighter version
of hosted desktops. It’s true that they let you log into your desktop at work so this is a form of
cloud computing. 

However, there are some issues with these less expensive solutions. For instance, there could be lag or slowness with using these programs That is because the internet connection at your office might not be that good. 

Also, you would be logging into a third-party program which will then get connects to your office which will cause lag. Printing for these programs can also be an issue. Often, documents will print very slowly to the local printer or they might not print at all. Also, how would you print a document to the office?

Finally, these programs are not the most secure option, there is a security risk associated with
these remote log-in programs.

Using Cloud Desktops from Home or a Clients Office

By using a hosted desktop or VDI (Virtual Desktop) you can create a very secure hosting session.
There are many reasons why you should do this, but for starters you can set up 2 FA with the

FA is called Factor Authentication. This is the process of getting a code sent to your
phone when you log into your hosted desktop. 2FA is one of the more secure ways to secure your network.

Microsoft azure has a virtual firewall that protects your hosted desktop from outside intrusion or a criminal from getting into your network. 

The firewall can also help set up a secure VPN or virtual private network. 

This can be helpful for many reasons, one reason it is to create a tunnel so you can print seamless from the hosted desktops. All accounting firms are targets for a cyber-attack. It is crucial to create a secure platform that hosts your data.

Using Accounting Software with a Hosted Desktop

Accountants, accounting firms and bookkeeping departments us complex software; programs
like QuickBooks, Lacerte, 1099, Timeslips, Timematters, Drake, the list goes on. Theses
accounting programs are often shared between many employees. 

That means that the data needs to be on a program server and shared out to all employees. This is the real power that a hosted platform can provide. Cloud products like google docs, or Dropbox are good but they only host documents. 

A hosted server and network can host SQL based programs, and often these programs run incredibly fast.

If you looking are looking for efficiency, speed, and security Microsoft Azure is the perfect

answer. InnerPC is an IT support company based out of NYC. We primarily work with accountants, bookkeepers, and accounting departments. While InnerPC not only hosts data with Microsoft but excels in migrating data to the data centers and then maintaining the network.

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