Cloud Computing for Businesses

  • The ability to work remotely, securely
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • Automatic Backups
  • 100% customized solution
  • Install all programs on a Windows OS
  • Run a more productive company.
  • Utilize State of the Art IT solutions

The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming the IT standard for running a comprehensive IT department. It is a fast, convenient, efficient, and more reliable solution that allows easy accessibility to data management and applications over the internet. The shared resources help companies mitigate IT costs and optimize virtual operations.

InnerPC Computer Solutions specializes in providing state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions in New York to small and large enterprises. Our solutions are flexible, secure, and extremely efficient.

Creating a Cloud Platform

InnerPC uses Microsoft Office 365 as the foundation to create a secure and productive cloud environment. Microsoft office 365 can be used to create a hosted virtual desktop, which is the equivalent to working on your computer in an office with its own server. It can securely host emails. However, with Microsoft Azure, you can now host your  files and programs in a data center hosted by Microsoft.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Cloud Computing for business office 365

Hosted desktops are both flexible and secure. Hosted desktops of VDI’s (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), allow people to log into their personal desktop from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on vacation, at a client’s office, or at home, when using a VDI, you can securely log into the network.

Not only are Hosted Desktops secure, but they are FAST. The programs open up very quickly, and you can access data in folders easily as well. Just like your network at the office, you can create shared folders and permissions to those folders.

Printing with a Virtual Desktop

There have been challenges with hosted desktops in the past. One challenge used to be printing documents. As simple as this sounds, it is, in fact, difficult because you are using a printer in your office or home and printing via the hosted server, which might be located hundreds of miles from your location.

Fortunately, printing with the hosted desktop has dramatically improved. The application that you use to log into the hosted desktop also redirects all printers to the VDI. If you need to print large documents, Innerpc can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect printers to the Microsoft servers. A VPN connection prints documents almost instantaneously.

Backing up Data with the Cloud

Office 365 data backup

One of the best advantages of using a hosted desktop or a hosted server with Microsoft is that all of your data is automatically backed up. There are several types of backups that you can use with Azure , VSS, or shadow copy. Azure and VSS are a local backup within the Hosted Desktop; Snapshot backups are restore points for the server and colocation backups, and are backups located in a different data center. For more information on backups, check this out this link.

In short, hosted desktops and cloud computing is one of the most efficient ways to run and IT department. InnerPC offer IT support to clients in the NYC area and most of our clients are 100% hosted on the cloud.

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