Data Recovery

  • Recover Deleted File
  • Repair Broken Hard Drives
  • Restore Broken Partitions
  • Restore Data in a Clean Dust Free Room
  • Level 1- 4 Data Recovery
  • List Item

Data Recovery

In the unfortunate event that you did not back up your data you still have a chance to recover your files. 

Why Do you Need Backup

If your computer were to crash, get a virus, or simply die, all of that information could be lost. The company data that you’ve saved to your server would still be there IF you are saving everything to your server (a big if for many people), but everything else would be gone. You would have to recreate that computer by reloading all of the software and settings. And if you’ve ever had this happen to you, you know that it can take a significant amount of time to do. What a pain!

The Perfect solution

So, How Do You Solve This Problem? Simple. You use an imaging software on your computer that automatically takes periodic images of the machine and sends them offsite or to your server for safe keeping.

Imaging software takes a “picture” or “snapshot” of your computer, so it records it exactly as it is with all of the software, settings and local files you have on it. This way, if your computer ever crashes, there is no need to re-load everything onto it and reconfigure the computer. Simply restore your last “image” from before the crash and your computer can be back to its old self again.

This is a huge time saver and can be a life saver when something goes wrong.

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