Data Recovery for Accountants

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Although the world has come to rely quite heavily on digital devices, technology can
undergo physical damage or logical (non-mechanical) file failure at any time, and in a variety of ways. InnerPC provides accountants and financial firms with the IT support needed to recover sensitive data and prevent significant losses.

InnerPC’s IT specialists provide full-service data recovery expertise. More specifically, InnerPC
can retrieve data that has been lost through corruption, unintentionally formatted, accidentally

We can also retrieve the data if it has undergone physical damages as a result of fire, smoke, water, electrostatic discharge, physical wear, decay, etc. 

We provide our clients with peace of mind, as well as the tools necessary to keep vital, sensitive data protected.

data protection for NYC based accountants is extremely important


software and data support are very important for your nyc based accounting firm

Data loss can be disturbing and stressful.
Sensitive files can be easily erased with a
single accidental click of your mouse. 

But, when your device is properly protected with data recovery software, retrieving that data is no longer a hassle. 

Via data recovery software, algorithms scan and search for remaining traces of files in order to recover the maximum amount of lost or deleted data. 

Data recovery software, such as imaging software, enables companies to protect the company data stored locally on their devices, restoring even data that has not been backed up — saving clients time and preventing worry.


When devices face firmware failures, motor failures, printed circuit board failures, hard drive failures, etc., data recovery hardware is necessary for data retrieval. There are numerous methods of hardware data recovery, including disk image, firmware repair hardware, and file extraction hardware. 

Data recovery hardware is often required in the event that a client’s disk is overloaded with physical sectors or has non-mechanical bad sectors. Such hardware directly connects to the drive, offering complete control of data.

Using a Clean Room

nyc accounting firms need to invest in cloud computing and software

In some cases, a hard drive can have severe damage which makes data recovery more challenging. In a hard drive there is a platter that looks like a CD, and this platter is turned with a motor. Often, the motor will burn out and will not turn the platter so it will need to be replaced. 

A clean room must be used to do this, as the platter cannot have any dust on the surface or the data will not be read correctly. Once the platter is install in a new hard drive case software will then be used to recover the data.

Data Center

The purpose of data centers, whether spanning multiple buildings or a single room, is to store computer systems and related technology. Over time, companies have become increasingly reliant on IT operations. 

As a result, backing up data has become a top priority for business continuity. In terms of data recovery, data centers offer immediate availability of sensitive data. And often, offsite data centers house encrypted copies of company data, which can be easily transferred to cloud technology or additional sites for increased security.

Data Center Where They Get More Involved

data centers for nyc based accountants

Data is incredibly valuable. In an effort to protect sensitive company data from
unforeseen events, data centers are
implementing disaster recovery plans. 

Data Center Disaster Recovery provides businesses with the tools to resume operations as usual, significantly decrease up-time. 

Data centers are able to more seamlessly provide data storage, management, back-up, and recovery via the implementation of disaster recovery plans for

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