Network Documentation

IT support documentation
  • Organizes Documents
  • Stores Encrypted Passwords
  • Helps Resolve IT Support Issues
  • Allow permissions to Documents
  • Assists in Training New Employees
  • Stores All contact information for Vendors
  • Organizes Your Company

Documentation and IT Support


Your network is complicated and  needs to be documented, this will help with your IT Support needs. Great IT support starts with resolving ticker request in under 15 minutes, that is our goal. One way we achieve this is by documenting all your devices on the network, your log in information, vendor contacts, IP addresses and so much more. This helps create an organized IT department is which is important on a day to day basis but also is necessary when a critical situation arises.

We also provide you with an account that you can use to store passwords and save
documents related to your IT infrastructure.

Our system creates a documentation framework offering you the most trusted and
optimal way of organizing your clients’ information to effectively service them.

Features of Documentation

Documentation collaboration allows you to choose what documents you share within the portal.  Give specific permissions to people as to what documents they can view and/or edit. 

Search Function lets you type in just a few words and second later any relevant information related to the key word is displayed.  Need a password but forgot how you names it.  Just type in a few key words and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Store Passwords securely within the portal.  You can rest at night knowing all your passwords are secure but 2 factor authentication.  Storing passwords on an excel document is no longer needed with our documentation portal.

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