Email Filtering

  • Filter Virus Infected Emails
  • Filter Spam Emails
  • Send Encrypted Emails
  • Create Security Policies for Emails
  • Get Daily Reports on Filtered Emails
  • Prevent Spoofing
  • Stop Ransomware from the Start

Filtering emails


Part of our Cyber Security solution starts with your emails. Filtering your emails is the
first line of defense against a cybersecurity attack. Many emails contain n contain links
and malicious emails can use these links to install a Ransomware Virus.

Filtering your emails will prevent Ransomware from going into your inbox. Thousands
of unwanted emails get sent to you daily and this can hamper your ability to work

Realtime Blocking Notifications

Content accountability protects everyone If someone tries to send an email that violates company policy or contains malicious content, SafeSend will block the email and immediately notify them that the message was held. If the administrator permissions allow it, they can easily release the email for delivery with a single click.

Policy-based Outbound Compliance

Keep secure data from leaking via email

SafeSend gives administrators the ability to define which content is not permitted for
email distribution. Utilize pre-defined content lexicons to secure data such as Social
Security or credit card numbers, or create custom rules to cover your specific policies or
legal compliance needs.

Prevent Outbound Spam and Viruses

Inadvertently sending spam and viruses makes you look bad. SafeSend from
our filter takes all the awesome features of the email  advanced filtering systems
and adds more outbound message management such as email footers, TLS encryption
enforcement and policy based compliance.

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