How To Backup Data the Right Way!

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IT Support and Data Back-ups

IT support for businesses often includes backing up your data.

This is one of the most important aspects of running a secure IT department. For the most complete backup solution use VSS backup and also offsite snapshot backups.

VSS or Shadow Copy Back-up


This is a shadow backup, a program used within the Windows operating system—a fast and
easy way to recover documents.

I’ll show you how to set the program to a daily back-up, how to restore previous versions of Word documents, and answer the question—can it restore data from a ransomeware attack.

This video breaks it down clearly:


There are a few reasons why VSS will not be the only solution you use. First the backups are saved on the computer.

So, if the computer is DOA then you will lose all of your data. If your computer is hit by ransomware then the backups could be affected.

Snapshot Backups

cloud computing is a service offered by Innerpc computer solutions in NYC


Snapshot Backups are another way to secure you companies data. There are many differences
between VSS backup and Snapshot back. First, a snapshot takes a backup of your entire
computer system.

This includes settings, programs, files and folders and any customizations

made within the system.

You can also roll back the entire computer system to a data that the computer was in a perfect working state.

Also, snapshots can be backed up on a cloud server that is not within your network which will make it much more difficult for ransomware to attack the back up files.

VSS could be compromised by ransomware as the backups are stored on the
same Operations System.


Snapshot backups can take up a considerable amount of space on a server. So, it could take a long time to initiate a full back up.

However, once the full back up is done then incremental backups will be performed and they do not take up as much space or take as much time to

A full backup should be done once every 4 weeks even though they’re incremental backups.

Benefits of Backing up Data

  • Restore deleted files
  • Protect your data against ransomware
  • Use VSS backup for quick restore
  • Restore versions of documents
  • Use snapshot backups for restoring the entire computer
  • Use snapshot backups for file and folder restores


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