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Personalized IT Support Services

InnerPC offers IT support and is based out of NYC.   The IT support services offered include: phone support, managing  servers, creating and managing cloud servers and VoIP.

InnerPC excels with accounting programs such as Lacerte, Quickbooks, CCH, 1099 and Drake.  Any business that has and accounting or bookkeeping department and needs managed IT support services will benefit from working with InnerPC.

Scalable IT Support


InnerPC Computer Solutions offers scalable, effective and secure managed services in New York, guaranteed to take your business to new heights. Our solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of any company out there.

Feel free to call 877-488-6972 for more information.

5 Crucial Elements for Managed IT Support

There are 5 important building blocks for Managing and IT department.  The main function for and IT support company is to ensure that the network environment is secure and also enables employees to work productively. 

Managed IT support Services NYC

The 5 Elements

  1. Email Filtering is the first step in creating a secure environment. Many businesses are compromised from malicious emails sent by cyber criminals.
  2. Monitoring Servers and Desktops is the backbone of a well run IT managed server support company.  An RMM or remote monitoring agents ensure that your servers and desktops can be accessed securely but also helps maintain important security updates. 
  3. A managed firewall protects your network form outside intrusions, this prevents hackers from getting into your network.  A managed firewall can also prevent employees from going to virus infected websites.
  4. Network Documentation helps prevent downtime.  If the  settings, passwords and license numbers are  saves in an encrypted environment, it technicians resolve network issue in less time. 
  5. Data Backup is perhaps the most important step in running a great IT department.  Employees sometimes delete important files, documents at time go missing or you might get hit with ransomware.  In all of these cases, data backup is the way to restore your data.

Your IT support VCIO

Do you need and IT questions answer immediately? .  InnerPC includes VCIO services which means your will have your very own CIO.

CEO’s who use the managed services from InnerPC are able  to have frequent meetings concerning business development, cyber security, employee training or discussions about any urgent need a business may have.  These consultations help companies plan for the future while building a secure IT department.  

InnerPC offers Managed  IT support Services for NYC and its surrounding areas. Although InnerPC supports clients nationwide, a majority of clients (accountants and financial firms) are from Manhattan, Long Island, and Westchester county.

There are many technical aspects within and IT department which need to be customized to an individuals needs. InnerPC has helped thousands of clients with there computer issues and has a system to help your company as well.

16 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An IT Company

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