Working Remotely, Microsoft Office 365, and Your Team

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As COVID-19 continues to keep people working remotely, it’s becoming increasingly important to help your team feel connected. 

With isolation, social distancing, and stay at home mandates, it’s easy for individuals to start to feel disconnected and discouraged.

Giving your team the resources to stay connected can help. Microsoft Teams can be one of those resources.

Connect your Employees with Teams

Not only can Teams help you continue to run your business as smoothly as possible
during this challenging and uncertain time, it can also bring your team together. 

With features like one-on-one chats or instant group messages, colleagues can easily keep
in touch—making up for the missed water cooler conversations. 

Meetings can also run smoothly with sharing features and chat windows so everyone can be included. Collaboration is also made easy on Teams where multiple people can work together on a single project. 

To get another overview of the Teams features, check out this video.

Sharing Documents With Your Team

You can share many things with teams and sharing document is very easy to do.

Just follow these steps:

Select Choose file  beneath the box where you type a message. 

This will upload a copy of your original file. You can also upload a file by going to the Files tab of a chat and select Share.

You’ll have access to files from your computer, OneDrive for Business account, and any
third-party cloud storage you or your admin have added to Teams.

now more than ever it is important for nyc accountants to master office 365 as the productivity of their remote teams depends on it

Set up Meeting with Teams

You can easily set up meeting with teams to meet with all your staff or just small groups of
your staff. 

To schedule a meeting directly from Microsoft Teams:

From Teams, click on “Meetings” on the left side menu and select “Schedule Meeting”

  • Select the channel you want to meet with. 
  • Use the “Scheduling Assistant” to find a time during which everyone is available.
  • Select how often you want the meeting to recur.
  • To schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting from Outlook:
  • Go to the “Meeting” tab of Microsoft Outlook and select “Teams Meeting”
  • Follow the directions above for scheduling a Teams meeting in the Teams app.

During this challenging time for people and businesses across the world, it’s crucial to
stay connected. 

We can get through it more easily when we are there for each other
and supporting each other. I’m here for you. 

Please reach out with any questions and

I’m happy to help!

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