Office 365 Creating Rules

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Organizing sent and received invoices


InnerPC provides IT support for many accounting firms and accounting departments. Recently, one firm needed to create a billing system using the Time slips program and then using use Outlook to send the bill. Also, the bills would be organized using Outlook.

The first step is to have emailed invoices go into an email folder named sent invoices. 

We did this by creating a rule within Outlook. 

To do this we had to create a folder within Outlook, named “sent invoices”.

The second step is to then create the rule.

You can do this by going to the file drop down and then clicking on the manage rules box. 

Once you create the rule, you will have to use the configure wizard to create the rule you want. (For further information, watch Feel free to watch this video on out how to create a rule.)

office 365 is extremely important for NYC accountant

There are many rules that you can create. For instance, not only did we have to create rules for where the messages were saved within Outlook, but we also needed to create a rule that sent a message saying the email was delivered to the inbox of the recipient.

Organizing your outlook inbox can seem like a daunting task in the beginning, but once you get it perfectly set up perfectly you will only need to tweak Outlook to keep it running smoothly.great in the future. 

Your emails will be more organized, it will be easier to find emails, and it will make your business run more smoothly.

For more information, Feel free to go to more information.

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