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Sung Park
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No other IT or Cloud computing company will give the dedication and time that InnerPC delivers. We have researched other firms used a couple of companies before and we never felt like we received and value from those companies. InnerPC is fully confident in what they are doing and they go above and beyond what many other IT companies offer. What this means is that InnerPC creates an IT environment where I can finally leave IT work to the experts and not be the go-to person for computer problems. This is saving us time and money in the long run.
Ellen Sackoff
Ellen SackoffCornelia
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We love the ability to work remotely on our computers – it is just fantastic. We have a fast paced business and we cannot afford downtime. Since we started working with InnerPC our downtime has dramatically decreased which enables us to have a more productive day. We also have two offices so having the ability to work in both locations and easily access our data is a huge bonus. – and the support that InnerPC gives is top notch- they are great! They are always there – they take the time to work on the problems and ensure that all work is done completely. InnerPC is friendly on the phone and always gives us creative solutions to our complex network. Not only do they take care of our emails, servers, documents and programs but they always have suggestions on how to run our business in respects to the IT department…THANK YOU INNERPC!
Jon Nixon
Jon NixonGold Crest CPA's
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Being able to access my work computer from anywhere with an internet connection has made working remotely a much more realistic solution. I love that I can log in from anywhere and have my desktop in front of me with all of my customizations and tweaks As compared to other IT firms, InnerPC is extremely responsive and quick to help. I have never had to submit a ticket and wait for a response. InnerPC has been able to adapt to our processes and needs and is always extremely responsive, even at odd hours. They are a hands-on IT firm that provides personalized solutions and service instead of trying to fit our firm into a preexisting mold.

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