Securing Your Hosted Desktop with 2FA

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What is 2FA

2FA, a.k.a. 2 Factor Authentication, is a way of increasing security for hosted desktops, cloud servers, and email accounts.

Many Accounting firms, for example, need 2FA to access programs like Lacerte or CCH Access.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and will be more of an issue in the future.

There are many ways to protect your company, and 2FA is one of the crucial security measures you should take. An example of how 2FA works is when you log into your computer and receive a code either in the form of a text, or through an application like Google Auth, or Microsoft Authenticator.

Go to (link to the blog
post for installing 2FA for instructions on how to set up 2fa within a hosted desktop environment.

In todays world your personal information is extremely at risk to hackers. Make sure you know these key steps to protect your information

Why do we need 2FA

Cybercrime is one of the most dangerous threats to businesses today. In a matter of minutes, a
cybercriminal can put a company out of business by stealing important data. 

The primary way the criminals get into a system is via an email account. 

Far too often, people save the passwords to email accounts, computers, websites, and applications. This makes it very easy for a cyber-criminal to take advantage of unprotected accounts.

The first step that a person is compromised it usually by getting a phishing email. This email is intended to have someone enter their password after clicking a link.

Here is a good example of a bad email

Good day,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Michael Siegal, and I work as a Principal at OPN Architects.

I am looking for assistance this year to file my individual and company tax for 2019, and I am trying to find a trusted CPA, Tax Preparer that can help me out with this. In years past, we have filed a joint return ourselves using TurboTax but are seeking professional help this year. My wife is a new physical therapist.

We both came across your profile, and think we will need you to help me with our taxes.
I have all my W-2& 39’s and 1040, 1099, K-1 well arranged on my computer.  I’d love to know about your particular needs and your recommendations on how you can assist us in filing our tax return this year.

Are you still taking on new clients for this year? 

Please let us know.

At your convenience, please click on this link to receive my tax docs DROPBOXDOCS.COM

Just include your email and all required information when asked to download the documents. I look
forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,



Clicking on the link could do many things—for instance, install a Keylogger program that captures all
keystrokes and sends it to the criminal. This information could be passwords, bank account numbers, or other valuable personal information.

How To Use 2FA

How 2FA helps secure your business

It may be clear now why 2FA is helpful. 

If someone did get your passwords and tried to use them for say an email account, then they would also need access to your cellphone to receive the authentication code. 

This makes it much more difficult for them to access your data.

As part of any SOP for a business InnerPC highly recommends the use of 2FA. 

For more information, please got to

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