Why Operating Systems Die! Are Continuous Updates Really Necessary?

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Microsoft has released many versions of the windows operating system. The question many business owners have is WHY? Why can’t they just make an Operating System (OS) that works and leave it at that?

Of course not, the software needs to be updated for potential threats, it needs to be compatible with other software on the market and, yes, they want you to keep buying the latest and greatest.

The bad new is when an OS reaches EOL (don’t you just love tech talk) then you will no longer receive updates for that version of windows from Microsoft. This means that you will be more susceptible to virus attacks, including ransomware.

I won’t get into ransomware now as that is for a different article, but let’s just say you will never want to get hit with this nasty exploration virus.

What to DO When a Windows 7 OS is EOL

So, when your Windows 7 is not being updated, then you will have to buy a new operating system and then install it. In some cases, you can upgrade the OS, but you will still need to reinstall all of your programs.

 This can be quite a task if you are a heavy computer user. For example, you will have to at least reinstall Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and Google Chrome. Many firms use programs like QuickBooks, or Timeslips.

These programs can very difficult to install as you will have to network the database and map drives and set permissions, the list goes on and on…I’ll stop here. The point is upgrading to a new OS can be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

This is a major factor in realizing a cost savings for your business. Just imagine, you will never have to buy another OS or even computer until the computer physically does not turn on.

Music to your ears right. Might I say that all of your IT issues are gone forever, well no I won’t go that far, but you get the point. For a free demo on how the cloud desktops can help your company feel free to email me at

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